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     Bernese Mountain Dogs are working dogs with a long history in their Swiss homeland as farm dogs. There they were used to guard and drive cattle and pull milk carts. Today, BMDs are valued as loyal companions, watch dogs on farms and in the city, and avalanche dogs.

     The BMD is one of the most widely enjoyable of the larger breeds. His personality combines devoted loyalty and affection with a wry sense of humor. The breed’s temperament is rooted in its origins and duties as an all-purpose farmer’s dog. This personality and attitude make him an excellent pet and companion for today. The BMD is a loving, gracious member of the family. He is easygoing, quiet natured and affectionate, likes to be close to his family and has a strong feeling for his territory and loved ones.

     BMDs are striking in appearance, with a soft, long, shining black coat; highly characteristic markings of white blaze, chest, feet and tail tip; and a rich reddish-brown on the eyebrows, cheeks and between the white and black on the legs.

     Heights range between 23 and 27 inches at the shoulder. In weight these sturdily built dogs are usually between 80 and 110 pounds. For his size, the adult Berner is nonetheless quiet and does not require extensive exercise; he is truly a town-and-country breed. They are not kennel or pack dogs, but rather prefer human companionship.

     The Berner is a dog nearly any family can enjoy. He is excellent with children. Even puppies seem to recognize a child and generally will not rush, bump or jump up.

     Perhaps the only sad note is that you will not be able to have your Berner friend with you as long as you would like. His average lifespan is from six to eight years, although some live to be 10 or 11. Even so, the years that you do share with your Berner will provide you with warm companionship, love and great pleasure.

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